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New adventures in knitting.

10 Mar

Yep, you read that right, people… knitting.

My Mum gave me the bug, after deciding to knit a gorgeous patchwork blanket for the Little Lady. (It is currently still in the process of being sewn together, but I can already see how gorgeous it is going to look. I promise to share when it is done.)

So I decided that, having never done any knitting before, I should keep my first attempt simple, so I settled on the good old scarf. Straight lines, one colour, easy peasy. I fell at the first hurdle, however, as I had no idea to cast on, so I admit that my Mum did that part for me. She also showed me how to cast off, and made the tassels for me, so really it was a joint effort, but even so, I’m very proud of it and it has barely left my neck since it was finished. Here is the little beauty;


I’ll almost be quite sad when that elusive warmer weather arrives and it has to be packed away until next autumn. Almost.

So first challenge complete, I was well and truly hooked and immediately in search of my next project. It wasn’t long before it occurred to me that, actually, I quite fancy one of those lovely knitted patchwork blankets for our own bed, so, behold the new balls of woollen beauty I have chosen for it;


I spent the best part of an hour in our local wool shop picking them out. They didn’t stock all the colours I had envisioned (I want an autumnal look) so I still need to find a deep golden-yellow (similar to my scarf, I think) a burnt orange, and perhaps some kind of shade of green. I’m very excited about this project.

Here is the first square, which I’m very proud to say that I managed to cast on and off all by myself.


I think I can now (somewhat) safely say that I am a knitter!

So there you have it; my first crafty post. I do hope you enjoyed, as there will be more!