One of those days.

8 Mar

Today has not been a good day.

It all started with a less than decent nights sleep, then being awoken by a grumpy screeching toddler at 7am. Yes, 7am is a perfectly reasonable time, I know. But I still can’t help longing for the days when Little Lady would wake up at 8, happily singing to herself.

Anyway, the day pretty much went downhill from there really. Tantrums, screaming, generally being a bit of a cheeky madam. Her, not me, of course. I don’t scream. Then there was the Defiant Refusal of Nap, which went on for over an hour. Not fun.

So, I decided to give up on my well needed rest today and get the little monkey up again, thinking that perhaps a bit of creative fun would be good for both of us. So we sat at the table and ripped pretty pictures out of magazines and Little Lady glued them to a big piece of paper. Simple, but effective, and it succeeded in lifting both of our moods.

Here is the finished product;


While washing our hands afterwards, I gave my much more jolly Little Lady a little squeeze and said;

‘I love you’.

‘I love you too’, Little Lady replied.

‘I’m sorry I have been grumpy. I have been a grumpy Mummy today haven’t I?’ I said, feeling really guilty now. To which Little Lady replied;

‘No you haven’t Mummy, I just been a naughty girl’.

Heart melts. Happiness is resumed. I love my girl.


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