Five big steps for baby, One very emotional moment for Mummy.

10 Nov

Little lady took her very first steps on Sunday! It was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

I was quite surprised how emotional it made me feel, seeing her tiny little frame wander across the room. I was just absolutely gobsmacked. It honestly feels like no other baby in the world has ever done anything so utterly remarkable.

The Big Event took place at my Dad’s house, where we had been visiting for the weekend. Only an hour before, I had been having a conversation with my Step-mum about how confident Little Lady was becoming – standing unaided for longer periods, climbing the stairs all on her own (with someone following closely behind, obviously)… we had both agreed that she would definitely be walking about confidently by Christmas time.  So an hour later, we were all sat in the conservatory, getting ready to leave, when Little Lady simply stood up, and took five or six very steady, confident steps across the room. My hands flew up to my mouth and I just sat there, like I had been frozen to the spot, not quite believing my eyes.

Absolutely incredible.

I am so happy that so many of us where there to see it. Particularly that Dan was there (Yes, I slipped up and revealed his name in my last post, so he will now go by Dan. Much easier to type than My Lovely Man. Although, obviously, he still is.) as I had been convinced that The Big Event would happen while he was at work. Not only would he have missed it, but I would have nobody there to share the excitement with. I couldn’t have wished for it to happen any better than it did. I actually believe that Little Lady was waiting until she had a big enough audience. She absolutely thrives on being the centre of attention, my girl. Nothing like her Mother, at all.

So, my teeny tiny 6lb 8oz newborn, is now long gone. She is officially a TODDLER.



One Response to “Five big steps for baby, One very emotional moment for Mummy.”

  1. Tina November 10, 2009 at 8:25 pm #

    Yay – Well Done Evie!!!! I’m so pleased you were all there to witness!! It makes the moment so much more special!

    I was sure I would miss Joshs first steps, but he did them while me and carl were both off work! YAY!

    I think they save the special moments for a special time, don’t they he he he xxxx

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