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Proud Mummy Moments

29 Oct

I honestly don’t think that anything can prepare you for just how proud your child can make you feel. Even the tiniest of accomplishments can make them seem like the most advanced and intelligent being, you have ever set eyes upon.

My Little Lady is no exception. She has changed so much recently. She has turned in to a real little chatterbox and appears to be coming out with at least one new word, every day at the moment. She soaks things up like a little sponge and her understanding of things never fails to amaze me. Most recently, she has started to recognise things, point and actually say what things are. For example, she will point out of the window and say “tree” or say “baby” whenever she sees one. What really amazes me, is that she does this with little encouragement. I’m sure that, at some point during our days together, these words do get used… but we haven’t actually spent a lot of time encouraging her to use them. She makes associations with things too. For example, she understands that sheep make a “baaa” sound, so will say “baaa” whenever she sees one. This in particular has been happening quite frequently, lately. She can even string a couple of sentences together. “What is it?” being the most popular at the moment.

I have also come to realise, that my daughter has most definitely inherited her Father’s technical brain. My Lovely Man also started to display these skills from an early age. In an attempt to explain just how technically minded he is, I’ll tell you a little story. When he was around two years old, his Uncle came to visit in his shiny new Porsche. Being a typical boy, lovely little man was very excited about this… until his uncle got his suitcase out of the boot. Poor little love got extremely upset, because he couldn’t understand why the boot was where the engine should have been. I have also heard many a story of how he used to take his toys apart to figure out how they work, and then perfectly put them back together again.

Obviously, Little Lady isn’t quite at the stage where she can master using tools just yet, but it is more than evident that she has a real interest in how things work. She loves to press buttons, while watching to see what they do. Her favourite pastime at the moment, is grabbing the T.V. remote whenever the opportunity arises, and then watching the screen to see what happens as she presses all the different buttons. She will spend ages just looking things over and figuring them out. She has various shape shorting toys, which we have, on several occasions, witnessed her master. She has an array of “touchy feely” books and loves to sit and explore the different textures and colours. She also adores looking at herself in the mirror, while pulling all kinds of silly faces. Something tells me that it won’t be long before that tool kit makes an appearance on her wish list.

Of course, I am well aware that these accomplishments are never quite as amazing or interesting to anyone else. But hell, if you can’t sing your child’s praises in your own blog, where can you?!

One milestone we are still waiting for, however, is those first little steps. She seems to be getting more confident every day and is standing unaided for longer periods of time. I am a rather confused mixture of excited and terrified about this milestone. On one hand, it is such a huge thing and I can’t wait to see her beaming with pride when she finally achieves it. On the other hand, though, my Little Lady will officially be a Toddler and not so little anymore. Seriously, where does the time go?! Still, at least I finally get to take her shoe shopping when the time does come.

On top of all the other exciting achievements, we also reached a fantastically large milestone a couple of weeks ago… Little Lady’s First Birthday! The party we threw for her the day before was a real success. Little Lady thoroughly enjoyed herself. I didn’t hear a single whinge, or moan from her for the entire day, which in itself is quite an achievement of late. She absolutely loved all the attention, and the presents… I have honestly never seen so many! She was thoroughly spoiled, but I am proud to say she really appreciated every single one of them. I loved the look of excitement and wonder on her face as I helped her open them all.

Two weeks and a few days on, I still can’t get my head around the fact that my Daughter is a whole year old. It is truly amazing how far we have come in just year. So many milestones reached, yet so many more to look forward to. In the days leading up to her birthday, all I could think about was how I had been feeling exactly a year before. It was both exciting and very emotional (and I have to admit, has made me a little broody) re-living the moments leading up to her birth, and that amazing feeling as our beautiful Little Lady finally arrived.

“Finally” being the operative word in that last sentence. I haven’t yet told you all about my seventy-five hour labour, have I? Perhaps I will share my birth story next time…